Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

OnCue 9-4-06

As an eternal optimist, I can feel good that
I won two matches last night
(compared to winning only one last week),
but the realist in me must admit that it was not pretty.

I lost my first match to some guy who made it thru
to the quarter finals.
He played well, and I didn't.

In the second match, I was down two games (race to 3)
after missing a very easy 9-ball in game one,
and, in the other game I missed a
very easy 8-ball for very easy shape on the 9.
It was disgustingly, embarrassingly humiliating,
and at that moment I actually had the thought of
giving up the game of pool for good,
but instead I just dug down deep and resolved to play on.

Thankfully, I won the next 3 games in a row,
and the match.

And then I won the next match 3-1.
But lost focus in the last match and
joined the ranks of the spectators.

There are some seriously good players at this tournament.
I'm looking forward to the day when I win it all!


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Robert Johnson said...

Hi Mike. I assume you mean you missed a very easy "8" ball (or something, but not "9") for very easy shape on the 9. Don't worry, you'll regain your focus and earn your way to the main event of the US Am.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, sounds like you've come a long way. such is the game of pool. A constant struggle to maintain your level and go higher.I 've been playing for 30 years and still don't feel that I have reached my poterntial.Though I've had some pretty nice accomplishments (state and Junior championships ) it gets more frustrating as I go. I expect more and so will you. good luck !!