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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Where Custom Cues Come From

I happened to be checking out some wood
for a custom-built seating area
next to the pool table,
and I was tipped to go look at
Exotic Hardwoods in Carlsbad.
(click on image above)

They've got some serious wood!

There was cocobolo all over the place,
and when I mentioned that I have
a cue made out of that stuff,
they told me that they supply ALL
of the custom cue makers,
and then rattled off a list of names
that was a Who's Who of the best.

Who'da thunk it?
Right in my own back yard!

Of course, I was way out of my league...
I know nothing about these exotic woods,
but I know what I like!
They sure have some beautiful stuff.

So, now you know.
Looking for some awesome material
for your next cue?
Check this place out,
and while you are in town,
stop by Mikie's Fun House
and shoot some pool...

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