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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

In search of perfection...

In the never ending pursuit of perfection,
last night I went back to basics:
Here's how the logic works:
Pool is 90% mental
(and the other half is all in your head)

And your mind lives on oxygen
(it requires 90% more oxygen than other organs)
the critical path of pool perfection
must optimize oxygen delivery to the brain.
And so you have it,
the reason why I tried
the portable, personal oxygen delivery system.
This product was brought to my attention
by a good friend and business partner
who lives in Australia.
I heard about it a couple of months ago
but it has taken a while to get hold of a sample.
I figured I'd try it in the presence of others
so they would rush me of the hospital
if my brain exploded
(I hate when that happens).

Heck, I was concerned that
maybe the oxygen bottle might explode!

Nothing exploded.
I opened it,
pushed a button,
and breathed through my mouth.
No "rush" was sensed,
and in fact it seemed like an irrelevant event,
so much so that
I was not curious to do more.
One, maybe two quick breaths.

I had been shooting pool before and after
those insignificant breaths.
I won the first race to 5 in 8-ball.
But it was not my opponent's best game.

Next we played straight pool, which he prefers.
I won the first match to 100 points
by more than 50 balls,
which is good, for me.

It was sometime during that game to 100
that I inhaled Oxia for the first time.
I didn't notice anything different,
but my opponent,
who by that time was
looking for any excuse,
did remark that perhaps that oxygen
was having a beneficial effect to my game.
I think his exact remark was
"You're shooting good, maybe it's the oxygen."

I continued shooting good thru the end.
And then we shot another game to 100.
This time I lost by 4 balls,
and there is no question in my mind why.
In the beginning of the second game
I started to yawn, a lot.
I was feeling tired
and started to slouch.
I was not feeling as alert.

Would another shot of oxygen
at that first yawn
have changed the outcome?
Did I get tired because of
a sort of chocolate high, then crash,
sort of effect?

Obviously more experimentation is needed.
However, be warned...
If it does what I think it can do,
it will be worth every penny.

As I mentioned,
Oxia is the product of my Australia friends
so if you want to experiment on your own
tell them "Fast Mikie sent me",
and maybe,
if there's enough interest
we can get them to stock some
here in San Diego.
(Mine was shipped in from Las Vegas).

Website: www.oxia.com

Remember, tell 'em Fast Mikie sent you!


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