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Monday, June 30, 2008

Like Fargo, with less thinking

I took a break from practicing the Playing Ability Test (PAT) level 2, and went for "something completely different". The game of Fargo is one of the more challenging things you can do in a practice routine. Click here for the full rules of Fargo.

A game very much like Fargo is something Allen Hopkins came up with called The Q-skill Rating System. Here's a thread at AZBilliards forum with the rules, and some discussion of the Q-skill Rating System.

Tonight I chose to do the Q-skill drill because I have played it in the past, and my high score is 139 for 10 games, which is "Semi-Pro" category. That's the nice thing about the Q-skill Rating System: you can rate yourself according to Allen Hopkins' estimation of skill, and that ought to be accurate enough.

As for my performance tonight, I only scored "Advanced", which was a complete disappointment, to be sure, but I am nothing if not persistent, so that rating will be improved. (He says with bucket loads of determination.)

After practice, I took a few minutes to improve the spreadsheet for this drill. You can download it with this link: Allen Hopkins Q-skill Rating System Spreadsheet.

Try it, you'll like it.


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