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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

News Flash: Practice Really Works!

Who knew?

You hear all kinds of people say
that you have to practice a lot
in order to get better at this game,
but how many people actually do it?

I didn't, that's for sure.
Not real practice.
Oh, sure, I'd bang some balls around
every once in a while.
Maybe, very rarely, I'd do a drill or two,
but nothing focused, consistent, and measured.

It really is amazing to me that
my results have been so good without practice.
I can only attribute it to the
teachings of El Maestro Tony Sorto.

Imagine what real practice could add to my game!
I had always been wondering that myself,
so I invented the concept of a
Billiards Practice Assistant
and followed through with the idea
and documented the job description
and put help wanted ads here and CraigsList.com
and after an extensive vetting process
actually hired someone for the job
and he has been working now for only 8 sessions,
but the results have been
far greater than I had expected.

Last night was my 8th "Optimum Practice" session,
and I set new records in several of my drills,
including back to back runs of the Sorto String.

Practice works!
Who'da thunk it?


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