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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Honduran Pool

Tony "El Maestro" Sorto showed me this very challenging
version of rotation pool played in his native Honduras.
The video shows about as far as I have run in this game.
One day I'll post a video of El Maestro
running the entire table.

Can you run the table?
Try it! All your skills will be tested.
What it shows me is that I need to practice my banks!

The balls are set up as shown at the start of each game.
Each ball is worth points equal to its face value
(1 ball = 1 point, 15 ball = 15 points, etc).
Shoot in rotation, lowest numbered ball first.

If you foul, the next player gets
ball in hand behind the head string,
and must shoot forward only,
(even if the lowest ball is behind the head string)
and you deduct from your score
the number of points equal
to the ball you were supposed to hit first.


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