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Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Sorto Effect?

In thinking more deeply into the
Nature of Invincibility,
I have concluded that my performances have been mediocre
when it comes to the physical skills of the game,
and my mental part of the game is good and improving,
but I'm wondering if that is enough to
produce a perfect record,
undefeated in seven matches.

I was also undefeated in the
Masters format in 2005
in 10 matches
(click here for that record)
so I'm starting to believe that
undefeated is my natural state of being.

Many years ago,
I was interested in genealogy
and learned some things about the McCafferty clan
and its origin in County Donegal, Ireland.
It is recorded that the ancient crest
of the McCafferty clan
bore the Latin phrase:
"Justicia et Fortitudo Invicibilia Sunt"
or, as any Catholic schoolboy could translate:
Justice and Fortitude are Invincible.

It is a simple recipe.
Only two ingredients.
And you become Invincible.

Nice fable, isn't it?
I have found no evidence of anyone in my family
who was caught, even for a moment, being Invincible.
To the contrary, we are known for our many faults,
which we seem to wear with pride or ignorance, or both.
My current undefeated pool record,
I feel confident, is not the result of genetic predisposition.

Something more believable,
especially to pool players,
is something I call the Sorto Effect.

Here's how it goes:
Tony Sorto ("El Maestro") has an amazing gift for pool.
Those who have seen what he can do
are left in awe of his skill.
And his game strategy and safety play are pure genius.
His resulting record of having won over 95%
of his matches over the last dozen years,
and his countless trophies
attest to his powers.

Over the many years he has played,
many people have asked him for lessons.
But he has never taken on a student.
Not until 3 years ago.
He took on the challenge of teaching his secrets,

and, for reasons still unrevealed,
El Maestro chose me to be his only student.

The Sorto Effect is,
in my humble estimation,
the Fear that is struck into the heart of opponents
when they face Tony Sorto at the table.
They know they will rarely get the chance to shoot,
and when they do, they will be hooked.
Sorto's command of the game is total.
What hope would any opponent have?
They are beaten before they begin.

Now, follow along with me on this...
If El Maestro can have such an effect,
to defeat his opponent before even lifting a cue,
by his reputation alone,
could this power pass on to his only student,
who would have diligently learned Sorto's secrets?

Could this be the source of my Invincibility?
So that, in fact, it is not MY invincibility,
it is simply The Sorto Effect?

The only way to determine this is to expand the study.
If more people possessed the secrets of Sorto,
and they became invincible,
then it would prove the theory.

I have discussed this with El Maestro,
but he is not taking any other students,
so we have agreed to use my experience as a writer
and with computers, and business,
and share El Maestro's teachings with the world.

Stay tuned...

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