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Monday, December 26, 2005

Sweet Shot #2005-12-26

Tony and I shot pool today for 6 hours.
A couple of sets of 9 ball,
and a game of straight to 100.
Of course he whupped me good,
but I was leading by a ball when we
hit the halfway point in straight pool.
(I think he was laying back.)

Look at the image above.
I could never make this shot.
And I saw it recently on a Bert Kinister video,
and I tried and tried to make the shot
as he said, with left english and draw...
but I couldn't get it to work.
I asked El Maestro today,
and of course he said
"It's the easiest shot it pool."
The secret is that
the cue ball must hit the rail before it hits the object ball
to get maximum action.

They don't call him El Maestro for nothing!

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