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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Snug and Level

After about six months of living with it,
I finally coudln't take it any more.
People have called me a picky bastard before
(many times)
but hey, I figure that a brand new Gold Crown IV
should fit together more like a new Toyota
rather than a 48 Ford, am I right?

When it was installed, about 6 months ago,
the metal trim around the pockets
didn't fit right with the rails,
leaving gaps, and showing bare wood.

I called the installer back and showed him the gaps,
so he colored the bare wood with a Quickie pen,
so it wouldn't look so obvious,
but still left the gaps.
He said the pockets and rails couldn't fit perfectly
because if they did, then there would be a rough edge
which would snag players' clothes and tear them.
I tried to settle down to accepting substandard
manufacturing techniques and tolerances,
but after months of looking at those damn gaps,
I just couldn't take it any more and called back
and asked them to take one more crack at it.
I called the store owner this time, and sent him
photos of the ugly gaps, and admitted to him that
maybe I was being too picky, and that maybe
Brunswick really made tables that didn't fit right.
He said he wanted happy customers and that they
would send his best guy out to make it right, if possible.

Today, Terry and a helper came out on schedule,
and took the rails apart and refitted the pockets.
And it looks a LOT better. Not perfect, but better.

And while he was here, he re-leveled the table.

I guess they really do want happy customers.
You just have to show them what "happy" means to you!

It will be a lot easier to run 100 balls now that
I'm not whining about my ugly, tilted table.

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