Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Pool Table Goes Here (soon)...

The new, improved FastMikie's Fun House is ever-so-slowly advancing toward completion!  The new floors have been installed, and as you can see, they are outrageously awesome.  The walls are painted.  Nice!  And, soon the pool table will be re-installed.  Happy Days!

If I ever stop shooting pool, I'm going to convert the space into a yoga studio:  FastMikie's Seaside Downward Dog Yoga Emporium. Imagine the possibilities...



Michael Reddick said...

Very nice! When you get the table reinstalled, are you going to celebrate by pulling out your Willie?

Michael McCafferty said...

And by "Willie" you mean my 50+ year old Willie Hoppe cue stick, as featured in the story "FastMikie Retires His Willie" at this link

So, yes, I may just pull out my Willie for a trip down memory lane!


arcade games said...

'Seaside Downward Dog Yoga Emporium'
That would really be interesting to see dogs taking deep breaths and standing on one leg. All my wishes for the future venture Mikie.

About Acomplia Rimonabant said...

Well if you have got your billiard pool table reinstalled then you should celebrate buddy as it is time for rejoice now!