Gold Crown IV

Gold Crown IV
FastMikie's Fun House, Del Mar, California

Monday, February 07, 2011

New Cloth, New Rules

To celebrate the new year, I am treating myself to new cloth.  And with the new cloth comes new rules.  No more noisy break games like 8-9-10-ball.  Only quiet games like straight pool, or carom.  The neighbors complain about the noise.  Also, no jump shots, no masse' shots, no spitting, no cussing, no whistling, no singing, no children, no food or drinks on the table, no smoking, and no gum.  Most of all, as the sign over the table makes abundantly clear: "NO SNIVELING".  I hate it when they do that.


Simonis 760 Tournament Blue is on the table now.  I'm thinking of making a change, and I'm open to suggestions....



dvicci said...

I'll be in the same place soon (own a table in storage and waiting for a house to put it in). Mine has black cloth on it which I want to change... first thought is green, but blue doesn't sound bad either.

What are the choices your considering, and what are your reasons for them?

dvicci said...

Oh, and your rules are poster-worthy. :)

Michael McCafferty said...

I'm thinking that the tournament blue is rather light, and that it is great for shooting, but it shows dirt more easily.

The traditional green would go better with my room colors, show less marks from chalk, and other schmutz...

I had traditional green for several years, and when I switched to blue, it was a real shock to the overall room color scheme, but I got used to it soon enough.

gamerooms said...

traditional green is always good, It's calm and never reflect light into your eyes.