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Thursday, January 21, 2010

FastMikie Wins Again (unexpectedly)

The storms in SoCal have been raging for several days, and today was supposed to be the worst of it, in effect the worst storm of the decade (this new decade is only 3 weeks old). So I thought it would be interesting to get out of the Fun House and go shoot some pool, especially since today was the Big Quarterly Tournament in Encinitas (8-ball). I wasn't expecting much because I haven't practiced at all for a year, and no serious competition either.

Well, I guess I got lucky, because I was the last man standing. While I played pretty good overall, I missed some positions, and then got out of trouble with some good safety play. Also, I played the percentages a lot, taking only high-probability shots or playing safe. Another thing that helped was my new conditioning program (treadmill, nutrition, sleep, etc.) which seemed to keep my energy level up for the duration.

"I love this game!"


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