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Friday, February 23, 2007

Mini-Table Blues

Played APA league 8-ball last night,
on tiny (6') tables in tight quarters.
Although we play with a red-dot cue ball
which a team member brings with him,
we were stuck using the house object balls.

The three ball had some gnarly schmutz on it.
Caked-on, yet thick enough to cause zany rolls.
The others weren't much better.
The table was recently recovered,
but it sure wasn't Simonis!

The cloth was slow,
but the rails were quite lively.
That made an interesting combination.

You would think that they would re-level
the table when they re-clothed it,
but this table showed no evidence of level.
Ball behavior was bizarre.

I might be missing some subtle differences
between 6 and 9 foot tables
and how strategy is played.
I am definitely feeling that
position play must be more precise.

Since we are using a smaller table,
but the balls are the same size as used on larger tables,
then isn't a snooker-safety
more effective because
more of the table area is covered
when stuck behind a ball?

Does this mean that
safety play has greater rewards on tiny tables?
Or is this possible benefit discounted
by the requirement for more precise position?

Including last night,
I have played on mini-tables
only twice in the past couple of years
and I came in second both times.

I like the 9' tables
because you can let your stroke out,
and that makes for more beautiful shots.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHAT?!? 6 Foot Tables?!?!? That's absurd! Bet not even I would need a bridge on that table!

Sunday, February 25, 2007 1:22:00 PM  

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