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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Straight pool mystery

El Maestro himself appeared at Mikie's Fun House yesterday
and we got right into some 8-ball.
He won all 3 races-to-7 by a wide margin.

With half an hour remaining before he had to leave,
I suggested we play some straight pool.

He broke, and I ran 15.
He ran 14.
Then I ran 25.
And then it was time for him to leave.

On his way out, he was still wondering why
I can be so good at straight pool
and have such trouble with 8-ball.

Truly a mystery...

Could it be simply because I enjoy straight pool
more than I like playing 8-ball?
That's probably one good reason.

One thing I like about straight pool is the freedom.
I can shoot any ball,
rather than being limited to stripes or solids.

Also, position is easier because I don't need
to pick my way around balls that are not in play.

And, I like that it is a longer game than 8-ball.
I like the idea of the potential for long runs
rather than being limited to 8 maximum.

Another thing about straight pool:
there is none of that macho breaking action.
I like the gentle nature of straight pool
where clusters are broken up with quiet precision
rather than a Big Bang.
And, because of the break in 8-ball,
Luck plays a big role in the outcome of a short game.
Skill, and endurance, takes a bigger role in straight pool.

I'll bet Efren likes straight pool better than 8...

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