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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pool Nirvana?

My esteemed instructor, El Maestro Tony Sorto,
asked me recently, via email,
if I had attained pool Nirvana yet.

What a great question!
Surely one which requires great depth of thought.
So I rolled it around in my mind for several days,
and then for several more days,
and off and on I would hit some balls
while thinking deeply on this question...

Just now, I answered his email,
saying Yes, I had indeed achieved pool Nirvana.
But I did not go on to explain in detail,
which is something I would like to do in this space.

But not right this minute.
This post is simply to get the topic on the table,
and to pose the same question to you, dear reader:

Have you reached YOUR pool Nirvana?

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