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Friday, June 09, 2006

Chess and Billiards

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Chess and billiards are two of my favorite games.

New furniture delivered to the Fun House this week
significantly upgrades these facilities.
The table is the "Del Mar" model by Darafeev,
and has an inlaid chess board in the surface.
The chairs swivel, of course, and are ideal for
my opponents in billiards, who must endure long
periods of waiting for their turn, while
I run rack after rack after rack...
(it's a fantasy I have).

The new chairs, with arms and backs,
replace the armless, backless stools which
were quite uncivilized for the spectators.

Furniture purchased from Billiards and Barstools
in San Marcos, who also supplied the
Brunswick Gold Crown IV pool table
which I had recovered and releveled when they
deliviered the furniture.
They are a first class company to deal with.
Good people.

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