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Monday, May 15, 2006

Major table improvements

Last week it all came together...
I have been planning
major improvements for some time.

For starters, I have wanted to
reduce the clanging noises
created by the metal hangars
for the bridges and rack.
What a racket they make!

So I removed the bridge hangars entirely.
And store the bridges on the wall.
What a relief!

The rack hangar
was a more interesting challenge.
First of all, I needed a way to store
both the wood rack, and the Sardo rack,
and to keep noise to a minimum.
This was accomplished with a custom
Fast Mikie design which works very well.
See photo below.

(click to BIGGIFY)

The inside of the wood rack area
is lined with rubber,
which deadens all sound.
The brackets for the Sardo rack
are also lined with rubber.
The entire unit is attached using existing holes
that were for the old metal rack hanger.
This way the table remains completely unmodified
and can be fully restored to original.

Now, for the piece d'resistance!
My ever-growing library of pool books & DVDs
was stored under the pool table, on the floor,
but it was constantly getting disorganized,
and was a bear to vacuum around the mess.
So my solution was to design another
Fast Mikie exclusive.

(click to BIGGIFY)

These shelves are completely detatched
from the pool table itself,
and hang suspended from the major
cross-beams on the Gold Crown IV.
There are no screws or nails anywhere.
Nothing has been done to defile the table.
Notice that pool racks are used as shelf supports!
One shelf on each side gives perfect balance.

The shelf shown holds my instructional books.
The shelf on the other side holds
fiction, biographies, DVDs, other trophies, etc.

All the woodwork was done by friend Walter Lilly.
Let me know if you want to contact him...

The trophies shown include:
Right side:
APA 8 and 9-ball team Division 1st.
Left side:
2004 California US Amateur championships (undefeated)
2005 APA Masters Division Triple Play MVP (undefeated)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Michael McCafferty...
I have been checking out your blog every now & then, except until now, I have never left a comment.
I began shooting July of 2005.... I consider myself a rookie because of this fact.
I have been told that I have the eye for the game, and enjoy the challenges of where or how to pocket the balls plus how to control my cue ball...
I also would like to say I am impressed with your table set-up..
How do you keep from breaking any windows??

Tuesday, May 16, 2006 12:18:00 AM  
Blogger Michael McCafferty said...


Thanks for the comments. I haven't broken any windows (yet) because I break with the windows behind me! Clever, eh? ;o)


Tuesday, May 16, 2006 7:59:00 AM  

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