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Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm in a good place...

I feel good.
I feel confident.
I enjoy my turn at the table.
It gives me an opportunity
to be in total control,
to completely dominate the arena,
to perform my art.

Every time I approach the table,
I feel clear about my path to the win,
whether I go for the run out,
or make it a chess match.
I enjoy the feeling of control,
of the absolute expectation of Victory.

But I expect more than Victory.

In the pool world that I want to explore
every shot is a unique performance.
A carefully choreographed series of "gestures"
which results in a technically successful outcome (win),
achieved in a way both personal and extraordinary.

This is my goal,
and I am feeling good
that it is welcoming me.
As the moments pass, I come closer to it.
At each moment I am living the life
of the man who is achieving this goal.

Recent trips to the table have been very pleasant for me.
I'm delivering a smooth straight stroke with good follow through.
I get solid action from my english,
and I'm seeing banks clearly,
and my speed and position moves are spot on.

My arm feels good, my bridge is strong.
My vision is true.
I know my game.
I know my way.
And I go there.


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