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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Flashback #2: Earl Strickland says to me: "Put this in your pants"

We were about an hour into the lesson by Earl Strickland and Johnny Archer, and things are happening at warp speed. I have a full agenda of stuff I want to cover, and we are moving through the list pretty fast because I've got the video camera recording everything and I'll be able to replay it to get refreshed on anything I miss.

The flashback moment happens when we're working on my 9-ball break shot, and of course something doesn't look right about it, so both Johnny and Earl are telling me to do this, do that, do something else, all of which I'm trying and getting better results all the time.

And that's when Earl produces this strangely shaped fabric bag, three sections, but all together they form a rounded triangle about 10 inches long, and weighing about 5 pounds, and he comes at me with this thing and says to me: "Here... stick this in your pants!"

Say what? Excuse me?

I guess any Earl fan knows how he uses weights strapped to his bridge hand and arm, to help keep him down on his shots. Earl is a real inventive guy and doesn't hesitate to try anything that will help his game, no matter how controversial. But what the heck is going on with this thing he wants me to PUT IN MY PANTS? I'm thinking that I would do ALMOST anything to play like Earl, but this may be going to far.

He sees my reluctance, and doesn't give up at all. He shows me how he wants me to hook it over my belt, half in and half out of my pants, in the small of my back. Oh, OK, like that... that's a bit better than I was thinking.

Now, I can't say that I broke any better or worse with that Earl-bag on my butt; I just remember that I probably wasn't going to be wearing that at my next tournament. But you may see Earl wearing it!


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