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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sweet New Simonis 860, and victory

Yesterday afternoon the Gold Crown IV table
was recoverd in new Simonis 860 cloth,
and releveled to be P E R F E C T.
How sweet it is!
I just love playing on new cloth.
Today I had a chance to really get into it
with a challenge match with the guy who
knocked me out of a tournament two years ago.

We played the Masters format,
both 8 and 9 ball, in a race to 7.
I won the first set 7-3, and was doing great
after winning the first 5 games in the second set.
I guess I lost focus because he came roaring back
to win the next 6 games in a row to get on the hill.

But I "stayed in the game" and ran the next two
racks of 8 ball to eke out the win for two sets to zip.
Dave is a serious competitor.
That second set could have gone either way.

I think the reason I won is because
I was focused on El Maestro's advice:

Because wining and losing is so important to you
try not to look at these matches
as a win/lose situation
as this adds unnecessary pressure on you.
Use them to test yourself to see if you can
approach every shot
with the same importance and intensity,
finding a comfortable rhythm and
maintaining a constant positive feedback
throughout the whole match.
Once you master this,
you will have conquered your demons.

He is truly a wise man.
I am fortunate to be his student.

Gracias, El Maestro!

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