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The Adventures of FastMikie
in search of Truth and Beauty in the art of pocket billiards.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The book!

at last, after much milling about,
the story can finally be told...

The Best of the Blog, and more, as an e-book!

of a

Pool Shooter

The Adventures of Fast Mikie

On the Path of Truth and Beauty
The Art of Pocket Billiards

Lessons in the art, taught by

"El Maestro" Tony Sorto

As told by his only student
Michael "Fast Mikie" McCafferty

© 2008, FastMikie.com

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Why an e-book?

1. The events in the book are in chronological sequence (oldest first) while the blog shows only the latest 10 events (newest first).
2. It is a summary of the milestones from newbie to undefeated excellence. Saves you time by filtering out all the "noise" posts, and giving you only the really good parts.
3. Never before in one place, the full story of how it began, and the lessons learned along the way.
4. Easily printed. And easily searched for key words (draw, english, mental, etc.)
5. The Adobe Reader PDF format is ideal for a wide variety of digital devices. Take it with you to the pool hall, or on the bus, wherever!
6. Donations go to this worthy cause.


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