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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Saturday, another tournament

I got second place in today's 9-ball tournament at Pacific Q Billiards, this week playing as an "A" player. (Last week they made me play as a "B" player, which greatly upset me, due to my horribly overinflated ego.) Winnings go to the worthy cause.

I played well, stayed focused, made some good shots. Felt good all the way through until the last match when my back started hurting. I lost to El Maestro in the finals, which should really be counted as a win because everybody loses to El Maestro in the finals.

Last night's practice was another go at the PAT-1 test, and I continued to make small improvements and achieved a new high score of 1320(?).

In other news, which I have been loathe to blog, I lost a match this past Monday night, playing 9-ball on a barbox, giving up 3 games on the wire in a race to 7, to a player who was shooting much better than his handicap. I was having trouble getting the speed of the table, and the cushions react much differently than normal (9') tables. I hadn't played on a barbox in about a year. I have a deep-seated dislike of these tables. I did stay in the match mentally, but the win was not to be. However, it was good mental practice.


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