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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nine Ball Overdose + Efren Story

I haven't seen Jim D. for many months
so it was good to get a challenge
from him in a couple of 9 ball sets
here at the Fun House.

Jim came in 32nd in the
2007 US Amateur Championships in Atlanta,
so he can offer some good competition.

He took the first set 7-5
and I took the second set 7-4,
leaving the tie-breaker for another day,
because my Optimum Practice session
was due to start.

I was so wiped out from the competition
that my practice was sub-Optimal,
and I had to end it early.

With the nine ball and the practice session,
it was more than 7 hours of pool,
but I need to build my endurance
if I'm going to be able to handle
some of the bigger tournaments.
I'm working on it...

Jim has been around the pool scene
for a long, long time,
and has a ton of stories.
Here's one:
Efren Reyes once bet that he could
sink one thousand spot shots
without a miss,
for $1,000.oo
and he won.



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