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Friday, January 04, 2008

Why I rarely clean my pool table

Don't get me wrong,
I'm not a pig.
Quite the opposite, actually.

I'm one of the cleanest people I know.
I'm a real Virgo:
meticulous to a fault,
a "clean freak", almost a germophobe.

So why not clean the table?
Because it turns into such a Project!

Take today, for example.
I finally couldn't take it any longer,
the table was looking totally disgusting.
Something had to be done.

1. remove all the balls
2. brush the table
3. spray clean the table
(using Quick-Clean)
4. damp-wipe the pocket insides
5. Pledge the rails
6. clean the balls
(using the Ball Star)

So far, so good,
and now I'm on a roll...
My "clean jones" is on high alert,
and I notice that the carpet needs vacuuming.
But of course I can't just vacuum one room,
so I gotta do the kitchen, and the bedroom,
and the hall...

And when I put the vac back,
now I gotta rearrange the hall closet.
See what I mean?
A real Project.

And when I finally stop cleaning,
hours later,
I'm too wasted to practice pool.
How crazy is that?

But man is this place lookin' good!!


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