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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Aye, 'twas a good day at The Fun House!

El Maestro showed up around 1 in the afternoon
(after putting in 8 hours at work)
to get me in stroke for my match with Ken K.

You don't get any warmup shots with Tony.
He racks them right away and says
"Nine Ball. Race to 7."

Somehow, I got off to a great start.
I was up 4-0, and then
he started chewing away at my lead.
But I still won 7-6.
Yeah, I don't believe it either,
but it's true.

We start right into another match
and we played to an identical result.

How may people do you know
who beat El Maestro 7-6
two matches in a row?

I think he was getting my confidence up,
in preparation for my match with Ken K.

Ken shows up at 4:30
and we start into a game of straight pool.
He said he didn't want to keep score,
but I wouldn't let him get away with that!
Tony was the official scorekeeper and referee,
and that freed my mind to focus on the game,
which I won, 75-63.
The score doesn't tell the whole story.
Ken had one run of at least 18 balls
and made some excellent break shots
so he's a dangerous player.
I had to play him real tight.

In summary, it was a very good day.
Undefeated against 2 excellent players.

Yay, Mikie!

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