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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Goal: Run 100

Malve came by yesterday
wanting to give his new stick some action.
He picked up a new Predator 3k4 with a Z shaft last week,
and shot some nice pool with it
in its maiden voyage here last Thursday.

We started off with a race to 5 in 9-ball.
He got off to an early start with 3 wins in a row.
I came back with 4 wins in a row.
Then hee won, putting us both on the hill,
but I took the final game.

We switched to straight pool,
and played 3 games to 50.
I won the first by a ton,
he won the second by 1 ball,
and I took the last one by 25 balls.

Somewhere in all that shooting,
I had a run of about 20 balls.
That got me to thinking about my previous high run,
which I remember as being 35 balls,
but that was about 40 years ago,
right before the Dark Ages,
that 4 decade long period of No Serious Pool.

My little run of 20 balls last night felt good,
but it was over too quick, almost didn't feel like it happened.
So I have set a new goal: Run 100 balls in straight pool.
From what I have heard about such a goal,
it doesn't come easy.
It may take a year or two, maybe five or ten.
But I figure it's out there,
waiting for me to learn enough patience,
and enough technique, and enough skill.
It should keep me busy, and off the streets at night,
and out of trouble, and engaged in something with a purpose.
Sure beats watching TV.


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