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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunday Afternoon Challenge Match

Kevin J. wanted a piece of me,
but all he got was a can of whoop-ass.

We played Masters format
just like yesterday with El Maestro.
Quiet during games. OK between games.

We lagged. I won and chose to break.
He chose to play 8 ball first.
At the end of the 5 games of 8 ball,
the score was 4-1, Fast Mikie in the sun.
Nine ball went 4 games of the possible 8.
Final score: Fast Mikie 7, Kevin 2.

He started off shooting extremely well,
but the problem was Closing.
And I just took advantage of my opportunities.

I won one 9 ball game with a strong offensive safety,
giving him zero chance on his turn
and giving me ball in hand for the runout.

Although that safety was a beautiful touch shot,
drawing 90 degrees sideways for several inches,
and nestling snugly between a ball and the rail,
that game was won more on
correct thinking rather than shotmaking.
A valuable lesson...


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