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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Day Without Pool?

Upon waking up, my routine includes a quick check of my online calendar.
How sweet it is: empty.
A blank canvas upon which I may paint my Destiny.
It is even empty of pool.
A day off, pregnant with promise.

As surely as it starts with a shower and a Starbucks,
it will include a walk on the beach.

I think I'll do that right now...


An hour later, my soul is refreshed.
The eternal sea. Fresh air from far away.
(Last breathed by a Polynesian princess,
most likely topless, wafting a kiss to me,
set upon the ocean breeze, a third of a world away,
from her beach to mine...
I can sense these things, trust me.)

Breakfast: Fresh Naked
blueberry juice with Jay Robb protein powder, then a steaming bowl of McCann's Irish oatmeal with Pavich raisens, sweetened with pure maple syrup. Aye, matey, you can't have a better breakfast on this planet.


Another shower! One of my favorite things to do!
(Where is that Polynesian princess when you need her?)


And some time in my hammock
is a good way to build a perfect day.
Warm sun, cool breeze.
This is where I do some of my best thinking.
Scheming my plot to rule the world.
Ooops! Didn't want to give that away!
But there is a fatal flaw in my plan for Global Domination:
I'm lazy. I prefer my hammock.


Mid-day meal. My favorite. Another pillar of the perfect day.
And, eating slowly, I watch the 1993 Pro Tour semi final
with Strickland and Ellin 9-8, on TiVo.

I can do what they can do.
It's just pokin' a ball with a stick!


I have been working on a cunning plan
which will pay huge dividends.
I need a treadmill,
so I can exercise whenever I want.
Treadmills are perfect for hermits!
Mine will be turbo-boosted with tech,
and include TV & PC & DVD so I can
watch pool instruction and matches
while I get stronger in body and mind.
Today, on my Day of Destiny, I put the plan into action,
and order the treadmill for delivery tomorrow.
(Imagine an evil laugh here,
or click here if you can't imagine it.)


That was good work.
Now a nap...
over there, where the sun is shining through the window.
I'll leave the door open to the sound of the surf.


After the nap, then yoga at sunset!


I can live a day without pool.
It's not that bad.
I went all through the day and night,
and never stroked my cue.
But I thought about it constantly...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang it Man. Send the treadmill back.
Meet me on an island. I will be your Polynesian Princess....

Thursday, May 19, 2005 7:54:00 PM  

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